About Us


Who we are

IBERCUP is part of the “IBER GLOBAL GROUP” that is a consortium of companies with representation in the areas of sports event organization, international management of clubs and academies, technical programs for players and coaches, sports apparel and entertainment.

Founded in Portugal in 2009, and initially through the organization of sports events “IBERCUP”, has consolidating its position in Portugal Spain and Brazil during the last 11 years.

In 2019, we started “IBERLEAGUE”, national leagues in several countries in the world, “IBERCAMPS” international camps hosted in different countries in the world. Through our scouting platform and ranking systems used in our events we created “TALENTOZO SOCCER ACADEMY” prepared to identify talented players and coaches to participate in our international programs.

In 2020, “IBERACADEMY” is created to connect all of our partners in one single environment where all collaborate in different areas, combining scouting, training methodology, coach clinics, scholarships, and the "INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS EXPERIENCE" individual programs for players that what to have an experience abroad.

In 2021, the group also began to focus on identifying talent around the world through the ranking process and building our own select teams, moving forward in the scouting area and agency of Young players through the brand "IBERGENERATION". Worldwide, we are one of the leading brands in youth competitions, with an average of 50,000 participants per year.


IberCup Tournaments

  • United States - IberCup USA
  • Japan - IberCup Japan
  • Portugal - IberCup Cascais
  • Portugal - IberCup Estoril
  • Portugal World Final
  • Spain - IberCup Barcelona
  • Spain - IberCup Costa del Sol
  • Brazil - IberCup Porto Alegre
  • Brazil - IberCup São Paulo
  • Brazil - IberCup Rio de Janeiro
  • Brazil - IberCup Elite São Paulo

World Final

The IberCup World Final will bring together the best teams on the planet in what is the final stage of the world circuit of IberCup tournaments. This is the place where future stars of international football will be born and where teams, coaches, and players will have the opportunity to show their talent to the world.

Much more than a football tournament, it is the opportunity to bring together young people from the 5 continents in a high-level competition, and the one that is probably the best youth football tournament in the world.


Intercontinental Sports Academy

Since 2019 IberCup has introduced IberCup Intercontinental to the World. This will be a space for personal and sportsman growth for all participants, as it will be a turning point in the growth of future stars of international football. Players, teams and coaches will have the opportunity to show the world their talent both through training in some of the best academies in the world and in IberCup tournaments.

Much more than participating in the best World Tournaments, including the World Final. It will be a unique opportunity to bring together young people from all five continents in high-level competition with coaches from the best academies in the world (SL Benfica, Sporting CP and FC Barcelona).

The Programs:
The Intercontinental Sports Academy is a program that will select the best players in the country to join forces and travel throughout Europe to show their talent, gain international exposure and a new football culture.

There will be 3 different levels to which players can be selected; Platinum (IberCup Final World, England), Gold (IberCup Estoril), Silver (IberCup Barcelona). Players will be selected according to their level. The Intercontinental Sports Academy will carefully select the best coaches to chaperon the athletes in this unique experience throughout Europe.

Participation in these events can be done through a selection made by the coordination of the Intercontinental Sports Academy in all IberCup tournaments or through a pre-registration on our site (CLICK HERE). The teams will consist of 12 players for 7 a-side teams, 14 players for 9 a-side teams and 16 players for 11 a-side teams.


Training Camps

All our Football Training Camp offers in Portugal and Spain are carefully thought out with destinations chosen to accommodate all levels, abilities, and budgets. Every aspect of the team’s stay will be taken care of, offering a Football Training Camp with the very best sporting conditions and accommodation, as well as organizing friendly matches, which we consider are vital.

Our main goal at IberCup Training Camps is to provide the ideal environment for both management and players, in order to gain maximum benefit from their time away. Preparation is the key to ensure that every Football Training Camp runs smoothly. Careful planning, right down to the finest detail, guarantees that every Football Training Camp arranged by IberCup Training Camps is a success.

Due to our local agreements in Lisbon and Barcelona, we take care of all the logistics and aspects related to your needs so the teams only think about enjoying football.