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The IberCup Cascais Magazine is available online.

This video sums up the wonderful week we had in the first edition of the Cascais tournament.

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Finals' Day


IberCup Cascais is comming to the end of this 2017 edition.

Tomorow, on the 15th of April, the Complexo Dramático de Cascais will be the stage of the IberCup Cascais 2017 Finals.

08:30 - Cat C - CF Os Belenenses C -vs- Malaga CF 

08:30 - Cat D - Sporting CP -vs- CF Os Belenenses 

09:30 - Cat A - FC Barcelona -vs- Malaga CF 

09:30 - Cat B - Atlético de Madrid -vs- Liverpool FC 

11:00 - Cat G - CF Os Belenenses H -vs- CF Os Belenenses G 

12:20 - Cat E - Grêmio FB -vs- CF Os Belenenses E

Opening Ceremony


The Mercado da Vila de Cascais received for the first time an IberCup Opening Ceremony. Around 2500 people atended to this show where the parade of countries, the cheerleaders and the dancers were the best activities.



Press Conference


The IberCup Cascais 2017 Press Conference took place on this April the 6th, world'ssport and physical activity day, at Casa de Santa Maria.

Were represented the City of Cascais by the President Carlos Carreiras, the Portuguese Football Federation by the former international player João Vieira Pinto, the CP - Comboios de Portugal by Sara Nascimento and IberCup by Filipe Rodrigues.

The Mayor of Cascais, city elected European Youth Capital 2018, recalled the importance of the presence of sports on the children's growth and reinstated that the partnership with IberCup is a strong step towards the goals of the City of Cascais in terms of youth and sports development.

João Vieira Pinto remembered his own exepriences as a player in youth tournaments and made sure to remind that more than a competition, and regardless of the fact that all the players might be your oponents one day, this is an unique chance to meet people and make friends for life.

Are you ready to play with them?!

FC Barcelona is now confirmed in our most competitive IberCup Elite Tournament in 2017.

The FC Barcelona team will be one of the TOP clubs represent in IberCup Cascais 2017 together with historical clubs as Atletico Madrid, Seville FC, Sporting CP or Benfica.

Other teams can now apply for IberCup Cascais 

After we receive your registration online, we will evaluate your registration and the level of your team, and decide if your team can or can not participate.