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IberCup is one of the largest and most International Youth Football Tournaments / Soccer Tournaments around the World. Play against the best Football Academy Clubs / Soccer Academy Clubs in different locations (Europe, Asia and USA).

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Atletico Madrid - Confirmed


Are you ready to play with them?!

Atletico Madrid is now confirmed in our most competitive IberCup Elite Tournament in 2017.

The Spanish team will be one of the TOP clubs represent in IberCup Cascais 2017 together with historical clubs as FC Barcelona, Seville FC, Sporting CP or Benfica.

Other teams can now apply for IberCup Cascais 
Here: http://cascais.ibercup.com/en/

After we receive your registration online, we will evaluate your registration and the level of your team, and decide if your team can or can not participate.

This year more than 1000 teams participated in the IberCup Tournaments!

Every year IberCup has increased the number of teams in all our tournaments. This year, more than 1000 teams from 50 different nations participated. Your team may be next!


Registrations for IberCup 2018 are open!

Gather your team and come to Estoril to fight for the Title in this Summer Tournament.



Estoril 2018


Estoril.... the best place in the World to play football all your live or 1 day in your live.
More than 30 football fields will be used for the tournament.
A place where you can experience a true World Youth Football Tournament.


Welcome to the World Football Center!

Estoril will be during 1 week the place where you can compete with teams from the 5 Continents.

The dream comes true!


Opening Ceremony


A memorie for a lifetime!
More than 7000 people enjoy the atmosphere surrounding the opening ceremony. 
It’s a memory you’ll remember for a long time and a moment of harmony where you can meet friends from all over the world.